NEWS! 2020-02-10
Sebastian knight to release new EP, NECromantic lovesongs
on the 29th of february 2020!
First single is "The man I love" available on all plattforms on Valentines day 2020.

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NEWS! 2020-02-29
Sebastian Knights new EP "NECromantic lovesongs" is out! 

NECromantic lovesongs has fianlly hit the airways after some initial confusion.
Songs featured on the EP are The man I love, Tainted love, Turn out the stars
and Little drop of poison.
On all tracks the base is handled by none other than Viktor Turegård, and on
Little drop of poison Sebastian and Viktor is joined by Johan Siberg on piano
and Camilla Bard on vocals.
Available on all decent streaming services.

NEWS! 2020-02-21
Sebastian Knights second single "Tainted love"  soon to come new EP, NECromantic lovesongs is out!
The second single, Tainted Love, is out on all platforms on the 21st of feb 2020.